Daryl Steele

Daryl Steele

Publicity Manager




Daryl holds a BSc from UWI. Mr. Steele while being employed as a Research Officer with ACTT has a deep passion for the arts specifically, photography, dance, music and singing, so naturally he is drawn to Theatre and hopes that is something he can share with his children in the future. While acknowledging that he will never be a Fred Astaire or a Morgan Freeman, he is a founding member of the MCS Productions and has been on the executive for the last thirteen years. Since joining the company, he has been involved in all ten musicals in some capacity either as a member of cast or on the co-ordinating team or both. This year is no different as he looks forward to the challenges of producing yet another musical. This young father looks forward to producing high quality family entertainment in this niche of theatre in Trinidad and Tobago and maybe one day returning to the stage.